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Bladeless Neck Fan

Airflow comes in. 

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Bladeless. Hands-free.

A slight breeze

around your neck.

FA12X is a novel bladeless neckband fan. Designed to brings 270-degree gentle breeze around your neck safely, this hands-free device provides a whole new way to keep heat away.Designed to be unobtrusive, FA12X is wearable throughout your daily lives without any sense of displacement or awkwardness.

Dual-Turbine Motor

78 Air Outlets

16-Hour Cooling Time

Contoured Neckband

Experience the vortex.

Sucks in air, 

blows it back around neck.

The turbine motor is dual-sided, making it possible to enhance airflow amount. Draws air from the surrounding atmosphere up, then around the main body, until being forced out through 78 tiny outlets around the neckband. Ensures air is not simply directed straight in your face. Instead, air is moved alongside your neck vertically.

Dual-Turbine Motor

The double structure turbine motor ensures energy efficient yet with a powerful flow, it's designed to circulate air more quickly from 4 air inlets without needing the use of extra power.

air outlets

Form follows function.

Every part is designed in pursuit of reproducing natural breeze. Built with 270-degree air supply angle, allowing up to 78 air outlets to deliver more coolness around your neck.

To the park. 

In the office. 

Compact and portable, 

pick it up and go.

The best wearable devices are the ones we don’t remember. Wrapped with a soft-to-touch TPE material for an intersection of flexibility and comfort.


operating noise level

Made to

Keep up with you all days.

Rechargeable lithium-ion

4000mAh Battery

cooling time in one charge

to get fully charged

Four colors 

for preferable styles.

Light Grey

Cloud Pink

Midnight Blue

Forest Green

Free Shipping WorldWide

I definitely recommend the 

Jisulife version.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I definitely recommend the 

Jisulife version.

One Year Warranty

I definitely recommend the 

Jisulife version.

Bladeless Neckband Fan


how soft breeze 

hits your neck.