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Jisulife Neck Fan Pro3.

Jisulife Neck Fan Pro3

Millions of air negative ions, purifying respiration. 100-speed infinite variable speed, customized to your preference. Ultra-high battery capacity + super fast flash charging. Ergonomic design, pressure-free and comfortable to wear....
JISULIFE Neck Fan Pro1.

JISULIFE Neck Fan Pro1

Industry Pioneer: 100-speed stepless hurricane technology, personalized wind power, adjustable as you like. Healthy Wind: Four air ducts to supply air in different areas, with a soft wind feeling like...
JISULIFE FA35Pro Neck Fan.


Superior Neck Brace Cloud Terrace: Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan equips an ergonomic neck brace cloud terrace. Wearing is more comfortable, relieves pressure feeling, and provides the gap to make...
JISULIFE Neck Fan Life3.

JISULIFE Neck Fan Life3

Safety & 78 Air Outlets Hands-free Design & Fashionable 4-16 Running Hrs & 3 Speeds Low Noise Design & Comfortable Compact Design
JISULIFE Neck Fan Life5.

JISULIFE Neck Fan Life5

$28.99 – $33.99
Stronger airflow for breezing your neck and face. Patented with 4 vortex tech: Air Cyclone, Air Balance, Air Recycle, Air Turbo. 4500mAh rechargeable battery for keeping 16 hrs. cooling. Ergonomics...