Sep 20, 2023

JISULIFE 2023 Ultra Series: Exploring Black Technology

In a world characterized by rapid technological advancements, the term "black tech" has emerged to describe a realm of innovation that pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible. These technologies, often shrouded in secrecy and mystery, encompass a wide range of groundbreaking developments across various fields. In JISULIFE, we embark on a journey to explore the world of black tech, shedding light on some of the most intriguing and enigmatic innovations that have captured our imaginations.

Next, let me introduce to you all the latest series from JISULIFE, the Ultra series, also known as the cutting-edge technology series. It has set a new standard in the handheld mini fan industry, challenging everyone's conventional understanding of handheld mini fans. If you're curious about what makes it special, please keep reading below.

“Ultra-High-Speed Motor”

75000 RPM, Powerful Motor Technology

The motor speed has exceeded 75,000 revolutions per minute for the first time, marking a pioneering innovation in the handheld fan industry. This achievement is a result of advanced motor technology in high-speed blowers, which not only increases the airflow to more than six times that of traditional handheld fans but also reduces energy consumption by 40%, decreases high-frequency noise by 30%, and enhances battery efficiency by 30%.

“Level 8 Hurricane”

19m/s Wind Speed Experience

With JISULIFE handheld fan entering the era of ultra-high-speed winds, the ultra-high wind speed of 19m/s rivals that of a typhoon of magnitude eight, accelerating the cooling process fivefold! Featuring aerospace-grade aluminum alloy fan blades and employing high-precision CNC cutting techniques, outdoor cooling becomes swift and efficient. Simultaneously, a brand-new air duct optimized through aerodynamics further reduces body vibrations and air duct friction, enhancing the stability of high-precision fan blades. This allows for the powerful wind to gush out in a more efficient, forceful, and low-noise manner.

“Infinite Control”

100 Levels of Wind Speed Adjustable at Will

A 100-level stepless wind speed, highly technological and personalized, allows you to freely slide and switch among one hundred wind levels, adjusting at will. It is recommended to use different wind speeds in various scenarios and environments. For example, when you are simply cleaning electronic devices, the optimal wind speed is between 1 and 10 levels; when using it to blow-dry hair or clothes, wind speeds above 50 levels are more suitable. If used for cooling purposes, please adjust according to the surrounding environment and temperature as desired.

“New Energy Battery Cells.”

9000mAh Battery Capacity

This handheld fan features a massive 9000mAh battery capacity to ensure long-lasting performance. Under normal conditions, the battery life ranges from 1 to 6 hours, depending on the usage setting. The higher the setting, the faster the power consumption and the shorter the battery life. Conversely, lower settings consume power more slowly, resulting in longer battery life. Additionally, the product is equipped with a new energy core that eliminates any harm to the environment, combining eco-friendliness and performance to provide customers with a better consumer experience while promoting energy conservation and environmental protection.

What‘s The Purpose of Handheld Fan Ultra1?

  • Outdoor Fire-making: This handheld fan comes with a circular air nozzle accessory that can be used when you need to start a fire outdoors while camping. It can effectively help you save time and effort. Please note: The fan has a strong airflow, so when using this function, please set the fan to a low setting to prevent the fire from being blown away by the wind.
  • Blow-drying Water: When you accidentally get your clothes wet outdoors, using this handheld fan can effectively help your clothes dry quickly, with even more noticeable results for quick-dry fabric materials. You no longer have to worry about your clothes sticking to your body due to dampness.
  • Air Cushion Charging: After testing by our staff, when used in conjunction with a blow dryer nozzle, our handheld fan can quickly inflate air mattresses and balloons, making it more time and energy-efficient compared to traditional air pumps.
  • Equipment Cleaning Dust: For electronics enthusiasts, dust cleaning is an essential task. While using a hairdryer or a small brush can be somewhat useful, their effectiveness is limited. In this regard, our handheld fan offers a more powerful cleaning force and can have a greater impact.
  • Wireless Hair Dryer: According to data statistics, the traditional hairdryer has a speed of approximately 12,000 revolutions per minute, while our handheld fan has a speed of 75,000 revolutions per minute. Not only can it help you dry your hair, but its speed is also unparalleled.
  • Travel Temperature Drop: On scorching summer days, owning a handheld fan can quickly bring you relief from the heat. Its lightweight and stylish design also allow you to carry it with you, making you stand out in the crowd.

What’s included in Handheld Fan Ultra1?

01. Concealed blades safe and reliable

02. Three modes of ambient lighting

03. Ultra-dense grating ensuring security

04. Various accessories powerful functionality

How to Use Handheld Fan Ultra1? 

Button Descriptions:

Front: One scroll button and one power button.

Back: One light button.

【Front Button Operations】

Scroll Button Operations:

Slide up: Increase fan speed.

Slide down: Decrease fan speed.

Power Button Operations:

Long press (2s): Power on/off toggle.

Double-click: Display current battery level (in any state).

*Short press is not a valid operation.

【Back Button Operations】

Short press: Switch modes (Power on/Constant light/Breathing light/SOS/Power off).

Long press: Turn off directly (when the light is on).

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