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JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro1S.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan Pro1S

$59.99 – $69.99
A New Peak of Powerful Wind Force: The wind speed reaches 9m/s, accelerating the cooling rate threefold. Category 100 Hurricane Technology: Personalized wind power, adjustable at will. 1.5-hour Lightning Fast Charging: 18W fast...
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Ultra1.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan Ultra1

Incredible Portability: This handheld fan boasts a clever and lightweight design, weighing only 315g, making it extremely portable for use anytime, anywhere. Whether you're hiking outdoors, attending open-air concerts, or...
JISULIFE Neck Fan Pro1.

JISULIFE Neck Fan Pro1

Industry Pioneer: 100-speed stepless hurricane technology, personalized wind power, adjustable as you like. Healthy Wind: Four air ducts to supply air in different areas, with a soft wind feeling like...
JISULIFE FA35Pro Neck Fan.


Superior Neck Brace Cloud Terrace: Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan equips an ergonomic neck brace cloud terrace. Wearing is more comfortable, relieves pressure feeling, and provides the gap to make...
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life5.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life5

Mini size, 4500mAh large capacity for 16hrs cooling. Super power from aircraft engine turbine technology. High-performance brushless motor, curved turbo fan. Ergonomically & portable design for easily hold on hand....
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life8 plus.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life8 plus

Super Long Endurance and Updated Strong Airflow: Adopted the advanced technology, it lasts for 46 hours at speed 1, 35 hours at speed 2, 13 hours at speed 3 after about...
Jisulife Neck Fan Pro3.

Jisulife Neck Fan Pro3

Millions of air negative ions, purifying respiration. 100-speed infinite variable speed, customized to your preference. Ultra-high battery capacity + super fast flash charging. Ergonomic design, pressure-free and comfortable to wear....
JISULIFE Neck Fan Life3.

JISULIFE Neck Fan Life3

Safety & 78 Air Outlets Hands-free Design & Fashionable 4-16 Running Hrs & 3 Speeds Low Noise Design & Comfortable Compact Design
JISULIFE Camp Fan Pro1.

JISULIFE Camp Fan Pro1

Portable & Cordless: Easily take on-the-go size with cordless design. Adjustable Fan Speed & Ambient Light: Provide gentle air and cozy light all-in-one. Versatile Mounting: Use in multiple scenarios includes...
JISULIFE Clip Fan Life1.

JISULIFE Clip Fan Life1

3-in-1 fan: Multifunction, on the table, hang it, clip anywhere. Cool all-day: 4000mAh battery for up to 15hrs cool. Customized airflow: 4 level modes with manual all-around pan & tilt...
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life3.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life3

$17.99 – $18.99
20H Max Cooling Time: Compared to other handheld fans in the market, this model is equipped with a larger battery capacity of 4000mAh(twice larger than others), which supports 5-20h working...
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life8.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life8

$18.99 – $19.99
Small In Size, Big On Function: Combined with Fan + Flashlight + Backup Power Bank function, JISULIFE F8 pocket bear fan would be an everyday-carry-essential fan to cool you off in...