New Breeze in Summertime: JISULIFE, a Pioneering Brand Focused on Innovating Portable Fans

May 10, 2022


Rechargeable hands-free bladeless neck fans bring easy-breezy cool for the coming summer.

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As torrid summer approaches, people are supposed to stay cool when going out. This summer, JISULIFE, a pioneering brand focused on innovating portable fans, launches a new release of portable fans including neck fans, table fans, and convertible fans to help people enjoy the fresher air, before the hot flash landing.

Noteworthily, JISULIFE's matador collection--neck Fan, the portable air conditioner on the neck for deporting hot flashes out of the body, has a leap in tech upgrades and design iteration.

About JISULIFE Neck Fan Series

  • JISULIFE FA12 Bladeless Neck Fan

    As the first novel bladeless neck fan of JISULIFE, FA12 Bladeless Neck Fan(1st generation) is a wearable conditioner to offer a 270-degree breeze anytime in consumers' daily lives, which is a whole new way to keep heat away. As expected, it had gained the Top1 Amazon Seller on Amazon globally in 2020.

  • JISULIFE 2022 Flagship Product - FA35Pro Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan

    In May, their team will launch the brand new version--FA31 Bladeless Neck Fan(2nd generation) and FA35Pro Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan. To level up a brand new cooler experience, FA31's performance was enhanced by 4 new patented techs and a better design for a more comfortable using experience.

    For further innovative 360-degree cooling experience, FA35Pro Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan is issued as the flagship product of this season. They set up the brand new standard of experiencing neck fans with FA35Pro, which is driven by 3 turbines(left, right, back) and patented techs(Air balance™ and Air Cyclone™). Users can enjoy totally cool breezes around the neck to kick out the hot flash when people are working in the warehouse or enjoying sports events in the audience.

More For Table Fan Series & Convertible Fan Series

Simultaneously, another two collections also have a technical upgrade for a better experience.

Since its inception, JISULIFE persists in creating innovative and quality products with its unique-particular brand core. Under this core focus, they pursue a more sustainable, creative, accessible, and minimalist design to meet the aesthetic needs of their customers around the world.

"JISULIFE neck fan really works when on stroller rides, it really helped cool me off. Love it!" feedback from one of their consumers as a nanny.

"Every customer is the muse of JISULIFE and the base of their products. All we do are according to what customers need.", JISULIFE said. Each product is born reasonably with plenty of research and feedback from surveys, comments, and any kind of voice by consumers. There are too many products with complicated but needless designs in the market, which makes customers overwhelmed. Minimalist but not simple, their products are designed to be multifunctional but easily used for different needs daily.

As sustainability becomes a hot topic among consumers, enterprises, and governments. Besides the use of recycled material, JISULIFE persists that high-quality products can decrease unnecessary waste considering there are too many substandard products that cost wasting of resources. Based on extremely strict quality control, they hope to apply more innovative solutions for customers' better choices, not content with homogeneous products. In 2019, they established the JISU laboratory which specializes in customers' needs and product R&D. Until now, their team already had gained more than 335 design patents, 4 iF design awards, and over 70 products with the original design.


Established in 2016, JISULIFE is a solution provider pivoted on creative and sustainable gadgets for personal space. Aiming at improving air-circulation around every single consumer indoor-outdoor, they have created kinds of portable electronic products suiting every scene daily.

In the past 6 years, JISULIFE focused on technical innovation and design iteration for portable fans. And they already served over 10 million customers globally and distributed their business via cross-border e-commerce to more than 40 countries.