Neck Fan Hub

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JISULIFE Neck Fan Pro1.

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1

Industry Pioneer: 100-speed infinite hurricane technology, personalized wind power, adjustable as you like. Healthy Wind: Four air ducts to supply air in different areas, with a soft wind feeling like...
JISULIFE Neck Fan Life3.

JisuLife Neck Fan Life3

Safety & 78 Air Outlets Stylish & Hands-free Design 4-16 Running Hrs & 3 Speeds Comfortable & Low Noise Design Compact Design
JisuLife Neck Fan Life1

JisuLife Neck Fan Life1

2 Air Outlets on Each Side: The JISULIFE portable neck fan is equipped with 2 air outlets (one large & one small) on each side, a wider air outlet area...
JisuLife Neck Fan Life4

JisuLife Neck Fan Life4

【New Upgrade to the Classic】This portable fan is a new version of the classic JISULIFE NECK FAN with a new neck support that conforms to the curve of the human...