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Desk Fans

Low profile with high style.

Wearable Fans

Nothing but air.

Handheld Fans

More versatile than you can imagine.

Recreate the Beauty of Nature Breeze.

We are addicted to exploring the wind outside and always trying to bring it back into our fan design. Never blow directly and constantly.  Sometimes strong, sometimes tender. That's what JISULIFE does.

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Bladeless Neck Fan FA12
Light GreyCloud PinkMidnight BlueForest Green

Bladeless Neck Fan


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Table-to-Floor Pedestal Fan FA13
Forest GreenCloud Pink

Table-to-Floor Oscillationg Pedestal Fan


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3-in-1 Bear Pocket Fan F8X
WhiteChocolate BrownCloud Pink

3-in-1 Bear Pocket Fan


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Tiny Handheld Rechargeable Fan FA20
WhiteCloud PinkForest Green

Tiny Handheld Fan




JISULIFE is an integrated lifestyle innovating team that designs remarkable gadgets to inspire people and elevate their life.

Our in-house designers, nearly half of our team members, are doing design and creativity-relating work every day to create and develop new products.

Focusing on the most basic elements of daily life--home and personal gadgets, we continue to offer the market collection of innovative gadgets combining form and function.


not just a plain fan

Each fan is built with the solution to a specific situation in mind. Multifunctional. Convertible.


easy-to-carry design

Our sophisticated design is driven by the belief that we cannot generate a new problem when we're trying to solve a problem.


more runtime and power

Every selection of the battery for each product depends on the expected features and performances, not the cost.

Feel the breeze of nature.

Feel the breeze

of nature.


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  • jisulife_official

    JISULIFE is an integrated lifestyle innovating team that designs remarkable gadgets to inspire and elevate their life.