2022 NEW IN: JISULIFE Launched FA35Pro Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan Prep For Beating Summer Heat

May 18, 2022


Enjoy the new standard cooling experience with this portable rechargeable hands-free neck fan in the upcoming summer.

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer Heat Has Begun. The hot start to May might signal a record summer ahead. The first heatwave of the summer always seems to sneak up on people. And it's important to prepare for summer heat, which might lead to heat-stroke and hot flashes when enjoying sun time or yardwork with family. Aiming to improve customers' cooling experience this summer, JISULIFE launches FA35Pro Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan, the NEW 2022 flagship product, to help people kick the hot flash out, even wearing a mask.

"This neck fan has solved the huge problem of hot flashes for me. I work in retail, running around a huge store, stocking shelves, and helping customers. "Comment by Johnson, a customer of JISULIFE original neck fan FA12(first generation in 2020).

A Better Solution For Summer Heat in 2022

A wearable air conditioner could improve fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, dizziness, and even rapid heart rate caused by overheating and help people stay cool indoor-outdoor. The followings are what JISULIFE has innovated for the experience of the FA35Pro Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan.

FA35Pro redefines the new standard of the portable fan experience by featuring free and comfortable to maximize the sensation of people's cooling breeze.

  •  Bladeless & handsfree design and 360° airflow.

    Different from the traditional wearable fan with blades, this bladeless fan is driven by three turbines(left, right, back) to create 360-degree powerful airflow around the neck. No worries about the wind being too small, the hair might be stirred in the blades or the back of the neck can't get cool, all these problems are solved perfectly by this fan.

  •  Air Cyclone™ and Air Balance™, Tech innovations for the ultra-cool experience.

    FA35Pro has been created with two exclusive patented techs to enhance the surprising performance so that people could enjoy the stronger airflow gently.

    • Air Cyclone™: The turbine adopts a double-sided cyclone intake tech, which greatly improves the efficiency and speed of intaking air.
    • Air Balance™: All air outlets can deliver balanced winds by this tech, which allows users to feel the 360° consistent airflow.

  • Ultimate comfort through ergonomic designs and sweatproof & environment-friendly material-ABS.

    People could get chilled immediately with a gentle breeze through soft running from the air outlet and skin heat dissipation with aluminum material. Shape memory material and adjustable design provide a personalized wearing experience for every user.

  • Launch mode setting for kicking the hot flash out of the body with one press.

    Once 2s press, get handsfree cool immediately with 4m/s superwind mode to dispel the hot even in an extremely sultry environment. Besides, the other 3 wind speeds are available here to customize the personal experience.

FA35Pro Time-limited Super Early Bird Ends May 31st.

For celebrating the coming summer, JISULIFE launches a time-limited campaign that FA35Pro is available to purchase for SEB price of $34.99(30%OFF of the original price of $49.99) on JISULIFE.com. And the super early bird packs come with $150,000 additional special gifts prepared for customers during this feast.

This summer will begin with sunshine and this cooling gadget--FA35Pro Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan by taking a worthy cost. More details about this campaign: https://jisulife.com/pages/fa35pro-super-early-bird


Established in 2016, JISULIFE is a solution provider pivoted on creative and sustainable gadgets for personal space. Aiming at improving air-circulation around every single consumer indoor-outdoor, they have created kinds of portable electronic products suiting every scene of daily.

"All we do are according to what you really need. Our team always has passion for creating more interesting gadgets for your personal space," they said. In the past 6 years, JISULIFE focused on technical innovation and design iteration for portable fans. And they already served over 10 million customers globally and distributed their business via cross-border e-commerce to more than 40 countries.