JISULIFE 2022 HOT: FA35Pro Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan Leads a Cooling Trend In May

May 26, 2022


This portable neck air conditioner brings an easy breeze with a new standard cooling experience.

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The summer vibe is landing around everyone and any place. JISULIFE's NEW portable ultimate bladeless neck fan should be the popular cooler in everyone's summer pack for enjoying the sunshine. Since its new released, FA35Pro was chosen by a great group of consumers. Recently, JISULIFE has invited several celebrities to share their experiences about the neck fan.

What they said.

"It's compact, lightweight, and quickly cools me down on these warmer days. It's thoughtfully designed with a whisper quiet motor and four different modes to help keep you cool," commented Los Angeles-based travel photographer, Tiffany Nguyen.

"Having a blast in Puerto Vallarta and keeping cool with my JISULIFE FA35Pro Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan. This thing works great no matter how hot Whether on the plane with a mask or walking on the beach in the hot sun, my JISULIFE fan cools me down in no time at all," said an actor, BJ Gruber.

"You know that I love being outdoors whether it's exercising, walking, or having picnics in the park, and my JISULIFE FA35Pro Neck Fan is my perfect ally to keep me cool in the summer," said a blogger on Instagram, Marielina.

FA35Pro Portable Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan being over 4500 customers' choices since its launch.

Until today, more than 4500 customers chose FA35Pro with super early bird price since this time-limited campaign launched. FA35Pro redefines a brand new standard of the portable fan experience by featuring free and comfortable to maximize the feeling of a cooling breeze wherever they are. The followings are the reasons why FA35Pro becomes the trendy cooler this summer.

  • Bladeless for safety. Handsfree for easy-used. 360° airflow for surrounding breeze.

    Unlike the traditional wearable fan with blades, this bladeless fan is driven by three turbines (left, right, back) to create 360-degree powerful airflow around the neck. Users could enjoy totally free beach time with the surrounded breeze and sunbathing.

  • Designed to go. Anytime. Anywhere.

    FA35Pro can work up to 18hrs with a 4000mAh battery that people can just concentrate on watching the exciting game without any annoying in the hot summer.

  • Kicking the summer heat with launch mode.

    Once 2s press, get handsfree cool immediately with 4m/s superwind mode to dispel the hot even in an extremely sultry environment. Besides, the other 3 wind speeds are available here to customize the personal experience. People would not suffer summer heat even when working around a hot factory or moving boxes outdoor.

  • Ultra-cool experience supported by Air Cyclone™ and Air Balance™.

    FA35Pro has been created with two exclusive patented techs to enhance the surprising performance so that people could enjoy the stronger airflow gently.

    • Air Cyclone™: The turbine adopts a double-sided cyclone intake tech, which greatly improves the efficiency and speed of intaking air.
    • Air Balance™: All air outlets can deliver balanced winds by this tech, which allows users to feel the 360° consistent airflow.

The super early bird special will be ended by May 31st. Get more discounts and secret gifts at this link.


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