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JISULIFE Neck Fan Life3.

JisuLife Neck Fan Life3

Safety & 78 Air Outlets Stylish & Hands-free Design 4-16 Running Hrs & 3 Speeds Comfortable & Low Noise Design Compact Design
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life8 plus.

JisuLife Handheld Fan Life8 Plus

Super Long Endurance and Updated Strong Airflow: Adopted the advanced technology, it lasts for 46 hours at speed 1, 35 hours at speed 2, 13 hours at speed 3 after about...
JISULIFE Handheld Fan Life5.

JisuLife Handheld Fan Life5

Mini size, 4500mAh large capacity for 16hrs cooling. Technology powered by aircraft turbine engine. High-performance brushless motor, curved turbo fan. Ergonomically & portable design for easily hold on hand.
JISULIFE Table Fan Life1.

JisuLife Table Fan Life1

$23.99 – $29.99
3-in-1 Multi-purpose: Mutiple adjustments to meet the needs of daily life /office/ outdoor. Strong Airflow: 4 wind modes to customize your airflow. Cool all-day: 4500mAh for up to 15hrs cool....